Adventure Motorcycle Travel

Adventure Motorcycle Travel

Motorcycle touring is an established format of travel that includes a motorcycle. It was a matter of great note since at least trenches ago. It’s popularity continues to grow and perhaps with time, it will even gain the status of a rite of passage. Motorcycle touring can be done by anybody with the willingness to travel and see new places. There are many routes to choose from but for the most part, the more famous and more popular, the more tourists they attract.

Europe and Asia is where adventure motorcycle travel takes place. The places to visit in Asia are mostly in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. A motorcycling tour through Southeast Asia will include some of its countries like Vietnam and Myanmar. For cyclists, these countries offer the best opportunities to see mountain ranges. Some of the best roads in Southeast Asia can be found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

One of the best ways to see Borneo and Sumatra is on the olden Hengking-Kengai road. This road takes you through the heart of Borneo and includes stops in areas such as Sarawak and Cathay and into Langkawi. There are a number of adventure bikes to ride and some of the longest roads in Borneo can be covered on two or three days of riding on adventure bikes.

Enduro riders can be a little more adventure some when they go out and travel on a longer trek through central Thailand. The best way to experience this is on a long road called Ratchadaphisek Road. The road goes through Koh Tao, Koh Pham, Chiang Mai and finally ends up in Chiang Rai. This road is a great way to see all of the places in central Thailand that is possible to cover on a single motorcycle trip and it is the perfect way to end the adventure motorcycle travel in Thailand.

Adventure motorcycle travel is dangerous by nature and any rider that is participating in this type of travel should always be well equipped to handle any situation that may arise. It is important that every rider wear a properly protective helmet that fits properly. The helmet acts as a lifesaving piece in case of an accident and also acts as a frame to secure the rider in case of an injury. If the adventure bike rider is riding in a group, they should wear a pillion to ensure that the other riders do not fall off the bike. It is important that the pillion is able to easily get onto the bike and provide assistance if needed.

Another very important part of any tour is the clothing that riders are wearing. Adventure riders in general tend to need a lot of clothing for all of the various stages of their journey. This is because most of the times the roads are not well maintained and often carry a high risk of accidents. It is always wise for riders to always bring extra clothes for unexpected situations that may occur during their adventure tour.

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