Adventure Motorcycle Travel – Off-Road Adventuring

Adventure Motorcycle Travel – Off-Road Adventuring

Adventure motorcycle travel is an organized format of touring that includes a motorcycle as the mode of transport. It was a matter of concern since at least 1915. The first serious planning for adventure motorcycle travel was done in the USA during the war. In this regard, the Department of Commerce formed the Highway Patrol in an effort to organize highway travel across the nation. This was followed by other organized motorcycle touring groups that went on to circumnavigate the US. These tours included riding through different states in the United States.

After World War I ended, these touring motorcyclists were then recognized as the Pacific Coast Highway Club. This constituted of enthusiasts who made plans to ride across the country by motorcycling. The most famous among them was the Hell’s Angels. The idea behind this group’s plan was to ride through the states from west to east in what was called the West Coast Tour. Motorcycling across the country was also a mode of transportation used by various environmental organizations and even the government.

Since there were a number of countries which participated in this adventure motorcycle travel across the US, there were various group formations riding in different cities. At each place, the distance covered varied and was determined by the riders. For the first ride, some riders went around the country while others concentrated on a particular state. The first ride of this kind was organized by the Banditos. It lasted for two weeks. On the way back, the riders took part in a rally race.

There have been a lot of successful attempts in organizing adventure motorcycle travel routes across the country. One of these was the Death’s Head Highway which had been made accessible by the Army. The route had made its way through several states including Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and Arizona.

As mentioned earlier, there were many groups which organized and facilitated this kind of motorcycle traveling. They also provided information on the different places which riders can visit along the way. Another advantage of going on an adventure motorcycle travel is that there are no strict rules as to how to travel. Motorcycle touring allows travelers to make use of any mode of transport they prefer whether it be using a car, trucks, buses, or even on foot.

When planning an adventure motorcycle trip, it is essential to provide yourself with ample time to travel. You should also take into consideration your financial capabilities and decide whether you would like to ride with a group or go at it alone. There are a lot of companies which provide services to organize tours at various locations. Usually, you can get in touch with them online to get information about the dates of the upcoming tours. Since there are a lot of companies which are offering adventure motorcycle travel services to interested riders, it is best to compare the costs and packages of each service provider in order to plan out your next adventure motorcycle tour.

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